Uniting against Trump: Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, Movement for the 99%, and resisting fossil fools

The internet is filled with opportunities to oppose Trump, from preventing his actual election in the Electoral College to opposing his inauguration to opposing his cabinet picks to opposing all the bad things he might do as president. All are necessary and worthy efforts. This post focuses on local efforts to oppose his inauguration and any resulting bad things.

First, take note of the newly emerging Seattle Neighborhood Action Coalition, which launched at a community meeting Sunday Dec. 4. Its purpose: “neighborhood based resistance and projects to protect targeted communities under the Trump Administration in Seattle.” Neighborhood-based groups (“communities of resistance”) are now organizing around the city, including a meeting for Wallingford and City Council District 4 on Friday of this week. SNAC Facebook page here.

Second, Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative are mobilizing a “Movement for the 99%” to organize mass protests and student walkouts on Jan. 20 and 21. You can sign their “Pledge of Resistance to Trump’s Bigotry & Hate” here.

Lastly (for now), 350 Seattle also has a Pledge of Resistance for those who are willing to oppose new fossil fuel development in the Pacific Northwest with civil disobedience (either directly or in support roles). Come to their event on Thursday here and/or sign their pledge here.

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