You could be a winner! Guide to 2017 voting guides

With many of our eyeballs glued to the national disaster of the current administration and its daily horrors, some people might not being paying close attention to the local elections now upon us. That would be a big mistake. Especially here in the Seattle/King County area where we have a huge opportunity to make things better for the majority of us.

As local pundit Geov Parrish explains:

A lot is at stake. Two pivotal contests will determine just how progressive our local government becomes. The mayor’s race features two wealthy white Democratic women: former prosecutor and US attorney Jenny Durkan and civic planner and activist Cary Moon. The citywide “at large” council position #8 features two grass roots activists, former Tenants Union director Jon Grant and labor organizer Teresa Mosqueda. Both are significantly more progressive than retiring councilman (and interim mayor) Tim Burgess, who held that seat for over a decade.

In both races, the candidates’ similarities mask important differences – and in both those and other, less well-publicized campaigns for city council, Port of Seattle Commission, Seattle School Board, and the state legislature, there is a collective opportunity for not just reform but radical change that Seattle hasn’t seen in anyone’s memory.

Below we link to four worthy voter guides: The Progressive Voters Guide (statewide, customizable to your local district), the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and Geov Parrish. The guides agree on most candidates and disagree on a few. Here’s a quick summary of the endorsed candidates, followed by who endorsed (abbreviated):

Washington State Senate #45: Manka Dhingra (PVG, S, SW, GP)
King County Executive: Dow Constantine (PVG, S, SW, GP)
King County Sheriff: Mitzi Johanknecht (S, GP) John Urquhart (SW)
Port of Seattle #1: Ryan Calkins (S, SW, GP)
Port of Seattle #3: Ahmed Abdi (S, SW, GP)
Port of Seattle #4: Preeti Shridhar (S, SW, GP)
City of Seattle Mayor: Cary Moon (S, SW, GP)
City of Seattle City Attorney: Pete Holmes (PVG, S, SW, GP)
City of Seattle City Council #8: Jon Grant (S, SW, GP) Teresa Mosqueda (PVG)
City of Seattle City Council #9: Lorena González (PVG, S, SW)
Seattle School District Director #4: Eden Mack (PVG, S, SW, GP)
Seattle School District Director #5: Zachary Pullin DeWolf (PVG, S, SW, GP)
Seattle School District Director #7: Betty Patu (PVG, S, SW, GP)
Court of Appeals, Division #1, District #1, Position #2: Michael Spearman (PVG, S, SW, GP)
Advisory Votes 16, 17, & 18: Maintained (PVG, S, SW, GP)
King County Proposition 1: Approved (PVG, S, SW, GP)

Additionally, Seattle Weekly has published a profile of mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan, focused on her mixed record as US Attorney, here; a profile of mayoral candidate Cary Moon, focused on her plan to crack down on real-estate profiteers, here; and an assessment of the disagreement between city council candidates Jon Grant and Teresa Mosqueda about mandatory housing affordability requirements here.

For the record, Catalytic Community is endorsing Cary Moon for mayor, Jon Grant for city council, and generally agrees with the list above.

Ballots must be mailed by Tuesday November 7.

Here are the various voter guides in full:

  • Progressive Voters Guide for anywhere in Washington state here; for Seattle/King County here.
  • The Stranger here.
  • The Seattle Weekly here.
  • Geov Parrish here.


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