“The Rich Want to Keep You Dumb” & other gems from Newsbroke

Have you been watching “Newsbroke” lately? If not, you may have missed the latest video from Francesca Fiorentini deftly and humorously explaining why and how “the rich want to keep you dumb.” (Spoiler alert: Dumb = Compliant)

Newsbroke is a series of videos from AJ+ featuring Fiorentini and Matt Lieb. Here’s Lieb “exposing” George Soros once and for all.

Smart and funny stuff. For more Newsbroke videos, see their Facebook page.

One good thing about 2018 is that progressives have a lot of smart and funny news-related stuff to choose from (e.g., Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Sarah Silverman, Andy Borowitz, The Onion, et al.).

We gotta laugh to keep from crying, so let’s keep laughing and let’s keep spreading humor and wisdom as we fight the good fight in 2018.


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