Demonstrators block entrance to PSE headquarters

Opponents of LNG facility in Tacoma block the entrance of PSE headquarters in Bellevue.

In the ongoing battle against Puget Sound Energy’s Liquefied Natural Gas facility in Tacoma, activists blocked the entrance to PSE headquarters on Monday morning. They erected a miniature longhouse (permit pending) in front of the doors, locked down with two people chained to barrels of concrete.

The action was explained on the updated petition page, which you can sign here.

PSE does not have construction permits for their 8 million gallon fracked gas LNG tank — and neither do we for our beautiful replica of a traditional longhouse, modernized with solar panels and wind generator! We filed for our permit last week – the review process takes over 70 days. We thought we’d get a head start like PSE so we’ve constructed our lovely longhouse blocking the main entrance to PSE’s corporate headquarters in Bellevue this morning.

What’s the difference? One is a fracked gas bomb with a 3.5 mile blast zone, constructed on a superfund site, and fed by toxic fracked gas that poisons groundwater, causes earthquakes, and leaks methanol.

The other is a beautiful representation of healthy sustainable life for our children’s future.

Please call Governor Inslee at 360-902-4111 and Attorney General Ferguson at 360-664-2162 and ask them to issue a Stop Work Order on PSE’s illegal construction NOW!

Livestream video from Native Daily Network here:

KING-5 coverage here. Coverage from KOMO News here.

Background on the issue here.

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